Neoflex – K

Neoflex – K

Neoflex – K is a system  of extra ordinary strength with  a unique structural design developed for shipping liquids,  pastes and granular products.

Neoflex – K is an ideal replacement for drums, returnable totes, IBCs.

Neoflex – K is suitable for various  liquid products like milk, vinegar, edible  oil, adhesive, ink etc. Superior strength and  durability using  industrial grade corrugated

Neoflex – K can be stacked two high.  Quick setup by two operators. High speed fills with high viscosity products. Integral locking pallet. Easy disposability, 100%  recyclable
More efficent use of storage space (80% savings in empty space  over drums). Designed to carry 1000  lt of liquid –as much  as six drums in 20% less space. This advantage can reduce labor and time during filling, storage and transport.

Neoflex – K ensure the  absolute purity  of your product. Returnable containers have got  cost  of cleaning, maintenance and recall. Cost effective  for using one way. No pockets or folds to trap residual liquid.

Neoflex – K can be supply  full set,  including liner, discharged system according to customer requiremens and  pallet.

Neoflex – K is deigend for bulkshipment of Prine (pickle), tomato paste, pulpy foods.