Disposal of Empty Flexitanks at Destinations


Polyethylene is extremely suitable for reuse.


After discharging, our worldwide agents will undertake to return the empty flexitank to the assigned destination for disposal. This will free your customers of any involvement in disposal of the flexitanks. The flexitank will then be taken to the servicing depot for disposing.


  • Polyethylene is extremely suitable for reuse.  From an environmental point of view, polyethylene is one of the friendliest materials.  It is a thermo-plastic material, which means it can be melted down and used for making products virtually indefinitely.  


There are two means of disposal

  • Incineration : Incineration is the preferred disposal method.  This consists of delivering the drained and packed Flexitank to designated and authorized company which complies with local and environmental regulations.
  • Landfill : Landfill is the other disposal method. In this instance and after draining, all valves and vent ports should be removed from the flexitanks.  The material of the Flexitank should then be cut into sizes no larger than one square yard (one square meter).The material can then be delivered to a designated and authorized company, which complies with local and environmental regulations. 

The cost of disposal of the Flexitank depends on the type of the cargo inside the flexitank and also the quantity remaining in the flexitank. In order to know about the exact cost of disposal you are kindly requested to contact with us.

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